Car Wash Mitt, BELPAIR Microfiber Sponge

Not long ago, in all of the confusion surrounding COVID-19, it was announced that a couple, a man and wife, ingested a chemical in hopes of staving off the coronavirus because the ingredient sounded just like a drug that was purported to treat the illness. The chemical they fed on was designed for cleansing fish tanks. Tragically, the man died. Why? Because some thing that is intended for one reason is not always ideal to another, no matter how similar.
Cleaning the glass on your car is not the same as cleaning the windows on your house. Yes, your windshield and door windows are made of glass, and the windows overlooking your backyard are made of glass. But they are not made of the same glass, they are not subject to the same contaminants, and they are not adjacent to the same surfaces.
If you choose to clean the glass on your vehicle without inflicting scratches and without damaging sensitive surfaces surrounding it, then Car Wash Mitt, BELPAIR Microfiber Sponge Cleaning Mitten For Window Cleaner is just the right tool for you.

About the Car Wash Mitt, BELPAIR Microfiber Sponge

【PROFESSIONAL TOOL】 This car washing sponge is made of high-quality chenille microfiber. The microfiber fingers are used for cleaning and dusting. The mesh interior on the back of the car wash sponges is designed for safe scrubbing, allowing you to effectively removing dung, Paint fluid, and tear stains without damaging the delicate finish of your vehicle.

【LARGE SIZE】 The elastic band keeps the car sponge fit for all hands. The microfiber tentacles do an excellent job of washing large surface areas. The microfiber fingers are very soft and can absorb large amounts of soap and water.

【DURABLE MATERIAL】 Microfiber is the best car washing material because it is extra soft, extra absorbent, and helps protect against swirls and scratches. This durable microfiber car wash mitt can easily remove stubborn dirt without creating scratches.

【MULTI-PURPOSE】 You can not only use the microfiber cleaning mitt to wash, wax, dust, and polish your car, truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, boat, home, or RV, but also use a drying car sponge to clean Windows, mirrors, furniture, and glass in your home.

【EASY TO CLEAN】 The wet car wash sponge is used to wash your car. And the dry microfiber mitt is used to dusting any vehicle surface. It is also machine washed and dried after using it. And it is without fade.

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