Do All Pickup Trucks Have Spare Tires?

Knowing where your spare tire is located can come in handy in an emergency. The only issue is how to determine whether you even have a spare tire. Although finding a pickup’s spare tire can be challenging, I’ll guide you through the procedure.

Today’s pickup trucks typically come with a spare tire. They are normally found underneath the truck bed, connected via a cable that maintains the tire’s position. Finding the release for that cable can be challenging; it’s typically positioned close to the pickup’s bumper and necessitates using a tire iron to remove a fastener from an access port.

I’ll cover spare tires in this manual, whether pickup trucks come with them, and how to identify your own.


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The Purpose of the Spare Tire

You might not be familiar with spare tires if you’ve never experienced a flat tire while traveling. Their function is to swap out a flat tire in an emergency.

These tires are, in all actuality, totally operational. They are air-filled, feature a metal rim with the proper lug nut pattern, and fit into the wheel well of your car.

Realistically, you would only use a spare tire if your primary tire developed a problem. You would stop, take off the damaged tire, and temporarily replace it with a spare. The other option is to contact a tow truck and attempt to reach a local mechanic for hundreds of dollars.

Do You Actually Need a Spare Tire?

The crucial query is: Do you actually require a spare tire? What’s the point if some people go their entire lives without ever experiencing a flat tire?

I believe it to be a lifesaver. You risk being stranded wherever you break down if you don’t have a spare tire. This is really worrisome and a tremendous hassle. Consider this: If your tire blows out in severe weather, in a remote area without good cellular connection, it might mean the difference between life and death. Without a spare tire, you would be totally reliant on bystanders.

You can rapidly change out your tire and resume driving if you have a spare tire. To transport you to a house or repairman, it provides more than enough durability.

Simply put, a spare tire can save your life in an emergency, making it crucial in my opinion. For the same reason, I keep an emergency kit in my trunk (if you don’t, check out this article to learn how to construct one).

To Save a Few Hundred

The first thing to keep in mind is the cost of spare tires. If the manufacturer spends around $100 on it, the sticker price will at least increase by that amount.

To Cut Down the Overall Weight

You may imagine how hefty a tire and wheel can be if you’ve ever lifted one. The weight of the tire assembly may easily exceed 40 pounds. In order to install and support the spare tire, a metal framework is also necessary. A jack and tire iron would also need to be added, which might add another 10 to 20 pounds, according to the manufacturer.

The weight increases. This weight may seem unnecessary when a sedan is being discussed that hardly has the engine to tow a vehicle loaded with passengers. Since pickups are frequently rated to carry a ton of additional weight, the extra weight won’t have a significant impact on their performance.

In Order to Make the Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

The fuel economy of a vehicle is harmed by weight. The predicted miles per gallon is another important consideration for current cars. The estimate might be reduced by a full mile per gallon if this additional 50+ pounds were added.

Because of this minor difference, the company’s sales may suffer and their rival may get a larger market share.

To Save on Space

In order to fit your spare tire in the trunk of a sedan, you must sacrifice a significant amount of space. You’ll discover how deep your trunk actually is once the plywood and trunk lid have been removed.

The amount of cargo room a vehicle has is another crucial deciding factor. Manufacturers are now forced to make space-saving compromises in order to fit a spare tire. As you may expect, this is another reason why some manufacturers choose not to include extra tires.

Locating Your Pickup Truck’s Spare Tire

If you’ve ever followed a Jeep, you’ve probably noticed its spare tire, which is prominently displayed on the back gate of the car. You’ve undoubtedly watched enough television shows and motion pictures to know that spare tires are kept in the trunk of most sedans (a common place for drug dealers and mobsters on TV to hide things).

It’s a little difficult with trucks. Sincerely, the first time I had a flat in my pickup ten years ago, it took me thirty minutes to locate the spare tire. The spare tire is typically hidden underneath or on the underside of the truck bed in pickup vehicles.

Do All Pickup Trucks Have Spare Tires? – Summary.

I just spoke extensively about spare tires, and specifically about pickup vehicles. They are more likely to have a spare tire, but it is more challenging to get at the tire. I wish my guidance had been more useful to you as you went along.

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