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Motorcycle helmets grant safety to adult motorcyclists that are involved in traffic accidents and their use is related with a deduction in mortality rates and the danger of head injuries. However, no such protective impact of helmet use was determined for bicyclists that were involved in collisions.

The mortality rate for motorcyclists with helmet use (1.1%) was drastically low than for motorcyclists without helmet use (4.2%;  odds ratio [OR] 0.2; 95% of confidence interval [CI]: 0.17–0.37; p < 0.001). Among bicyclists, there tend to be no vast distinction in mortality rates between the people involved with helmet use (5.3%) and those without a helmet use (3.7%; OR 1.4; 95% CI: 0.49–4.27; p = 0.524). After propensity-score matching for covariates, which includes sex, age, and comorbidities, 856 well-balanced pairs of motorcyclists and seventy six pairs of bicyclists was identified for result comparison, proving that helmet use amongst motorcyclists was related with decrease mortality rates (OR 0.2; 95% CI: 0.09–0.44;  p < 0.001). In contrast, helmet use amongst bicyclists was not related with a decrease in mortality (OR 1.3; 95% CI: 0.30–5.96; p = 0.706).

Reports from the health facility LOS

The health facility LOS was additionally drastically shorter for motorcyclists with helmet use than for those victims without (9.5 days vs. 12.0 days, respectively, p < 0.001) though for bicyclists, helmet use was not related with medical institution LOS. Fewer cyclists with helmet use were admitted to the ICU, regardless of the severity of injury; however, no sizable distinction of ICU admission rates was found between bicyclists with and also without helmets.

How do Helmets Protect You

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when you are wearing a helmet in the course of a fall or crash, the pressure of impact is dispensed over the surface of the helmet, rather than targeted on the head. In addition, the thick plastic foam (firm polystyrene) inside the hard outer shell of a helmet offers safety that cushions the blow.

You should note that A new helmet need to be bought after a crash. Even if the helmet looks fine, the interior might be damaged.

Requirement in choosing a helmet for guaranteed safety?

When choosing a helmet, you have to be sure to choose a helmet that meets the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the Snell Memorial Foundation. These requirements have been raised, so if you have an old helmet, it might also be time to get a new one.

Snug. It does not slide from one side to another side or front-to-back.
Level. It is square on top of your head, thereby protecting the top of the forehead. It does not tilt in any direction at all.
Stability. The chinstrap keeps the helmet from rocking in any direction whatsoever.

Note that you should also look out for a helmet with good looks, you, really don’t want to be mistaken for a grandpa on your motorcycle.


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Helmet tips for maximum safety

  • Helmets need to sit easily on the head all the way around, sitting level and stable adequately to remain in place in the course of violent shakes or hard blows.
  • Rest the helmet level on the head, not tilted.
  • Make certain the straps of the helmet shape a “V” underneath the ears when buckled.
  • Have the strap beneath the chin fit comfortably snug.
  • Secure the helmet to the point that twisting and tugging can’t take away it.
  • Always replace a helmet after a crash. Damages might also not be visible, however the foam can lose its integrity.

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