Is BMW Burble actually good or bad?

BMW Burble is a term used to describe the sound of a BMW engine. It is a sound that is unique to BMW cars and is often described as a low, throaty rumble. It has been a long-standing part of the BMW brand identity and is one of the reasons why BMW cars have such a loyal following. But is BMW Burble actually good or bad?

Is BMW Burble actually good or bad?

The answer to this question depends largely on personal opinion. Some people love the sound of a BMW engine and consider it to be one of the best things about owning a BMW. The sound of the engine is seen as a sign of quality and power and is thought to give the car a sense of character and personality. It is also said to be a sign of good craftsmanship, as a well-tuned engine will make a much more pleasant sound than one that is not well-maintained.

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However, there are also people who dislike the sound of a BMW engine. They may find it to be too loud or too intrusive and may prefer a quieter engine. They may also find the burble to be too “showy” or “over the top”, and prefer the sound of a more subtle engine. It is also worth noting that some people find the sound of a BMW engine to be too “masculine”, which can be off-putting to some drivers.

From a technical point of view, the sound of a BMW engine is actually quite complex. It is composed of a variety of different frequencies, as well as other sound elements such as exhaust pops and crackles. This complexity is part of what makes the sound of a BMW engine so unique and is one of the reasons why it is so beloved by many drivers.

Ultimately, the question of whether BMW Burble is good or bad comes down to personal opinion. Some drivers love the sound and consider it to be one of the best things about owning a BMW, while others may find it to be too loud or too intrusive. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what they like and don’t like about the sound of a BMW engine.

Do burbles hurt turbos?

No, burbles do not hurt turbos. Turbos are designed to withstand high levels of exhaust gas pressure, and burbles are not capable of producing enough pressure to cause any damage. It should be noted, however, that excessive backfires can cause damage to any component of the exhaust system, including the turbocharger.

Why are n55 burbles so bad sounding?

N55 burbles are so bad-sounding because they are created from a combination of the turbocharger and the exhaust system, which are both designed to be lightweight and efficient. This combination does not produce the same type of sound as a more traditional exhaust system, which has larger pipes for a deeper, more powerful sound.

What ECU tune for burble

The specific ECU tune for burble will vary depending on the make and model of your car. It is best to contact a local tuner for advice on the best ECU tune for your car.

Backfire vs. Burble after Performance Exhaust Installation

The terms “backfire” and “burble” both refer to the sound of a car’s exhaust system. A backfire is an explosive sound that is usually caused by incomplete combustion of fuel inside the engine. A burble is a low-pitched, rumbling sound that is caused by the exhaust exiting the tailpipe.

When a performance exhaust system is installed on a car, the backfire is usually eliminated and the burble will become more pronounced. This is because performance exhausts are designed with larger pipes to reduce back pressure and improve exhaust flow. This allows for more complete combustion of fuel, eliminating the backfire, and making the burble sound deeper and more pronounced.


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