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Thinking about some upgrades to your motorbike? Read about the Must have Motorcycle accessories or Motorbike accessories in these articles.

Motorcycle or motorbike accessories are features and accessories chosen by a motorbike owner to beautify safety, performance, or comfort, and might also consist of anything from mobile electronics to sidecars and trailers. An accessory can also be added at the manufacturing unit by the original equipment manufacturer or bought and installed by the owner post-sale as aftermarket goods.

While motorcycles as a complete machine have come a pretty long way since their inception more than a century go, there are nevertheless a range of areas that can still use improvement. Recognizing this, a number of entrepreneurial individuals and innovative outfits have set out to solve these various issues, and in the process, bolster safety, reliability, convenience, and enjoyment. The exponential rate at which smart technology continues to permeate each and every facet of our lives has additionally given way to numerous contemporary moto-enhancing gadgets that call on existing Bluetooth and satellite technology, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and other sensors to ameliorate the journey of driving a motorcycle.

Must have Motorcycle accessories- Motorbike accessories

From moto crosser and off-road adventure bikes to old school café racers to city commuter models, each style of scoot can benefit from one or more of today’s modern and best gadgets. Unfortunately, with these merchandise typically divided up amongst different sections on retailers’ websites , from electronics to accessories to safety to parts. It can be difficult to even get a sense of what the present day market has to offer. So. to assist clue you in and up your using game, we’ve compiled this big information to today’s finest motorbike accessories.



The EatSleepRIDE’s Crashlight service motorcycle accessories turns smartphones into digital angels for riders. Using a smartphone’s sensors and a complex algorithm that was born out of an enormous quantity of testing and R&D, the Crashlight carrier can automatically detect motorbike crashes. If a crash is detected and the rider isn’t responsive, their coordinates are automatically sent to a predetermined emergency contact(s) who can then summon emergency medical services. While this is a top class feature, it solely costs $15 a year, which comes out to much less than a nickel per day. And thinking about that Crashlight has already saved actual lives since its launch, we’d argue this is a well-worthwhile cash investment that each and every motorcyclist must make, whether or not they commute on a day by day basis or solely ride a few times per year. The smartphone app additionally automatically detects each and every time you get on a bike to go ride and tracks your journey, recording your GPS route, speed, elevation, and lean angle at any given time in the course of your ride. Furthermore, you can additionally share routes with different ESR app users, or checkout rides and routes others have posted — a great aid for discovering some of the finest riding roads in existence.



The wind noise inside of a motorbike helmet at the expressway speeds can effortlessly be as loud as 100db, which can be dangerous and lead to permanent hearing loss after as little as 1/2 an hour’s time. And whilst ordinary earplugs remedy this issue, they massively reduce situational awareness, not permitting riders to hear vital noises whilst out on the road. The EarPeace Motorcycle Ear Plugs were conjured up to solve this problem, the usage of a proprietary noise-canceling filter technological know-how that eliminates ambient wind and engine sounds whilst still letting screeching tires, horns, or other vital sounds to be heard so situational awareness won’t be compromised. The plugs themselves are made from premium, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone. Sold in an aluminum carrying case, each set consists of a trio of dual-flange plugs and high-fidelity filters of various ranges of protection: Medium; High; and Max (SNR 17, 20, and 26). And, on top of each on and off-road driving and motorsport applications, the EarPeace Ear Plugs are additionally superb for use at concert events and development or woodworking, however, it must be referred to that they aren’t supposed to be utilized as ear personal protection equipment for shooting a firearm.



Because they guard your brain, we’d argue that a premium motorbike helmet is well really worth the investment, even though after sinking a decent chunk of cash into a top-notch brain bucket, the remaining factor you choose to do is leave it sitting unattended on your bike when you’re away. Enter the Helmetlok II motorcycle accessories, which is an incredibly easy and simple piece of equipment that helps maintain your lid from getting swiped. Using a four-digit code, the lock links via a helmet’s D-rings (or ratchet), whilst full aluminum and zinc-alloy building assist to withstand grinders and hacksaws, as well as the elements. This second-generation model of the locking carabiner is designed to match around a chassis or subframe and is partially-wrapped in a rubber coating that ensures that protecting your helmet doesn’t come at the price of scratching your ride. We do experience compelled to point out that, regardless of it possibly ruining any (resale) value that a helmet has, we, unfortunately, be aware of firsthand from non-public trip that these locks won’t quit some thieves from reducing off the portion of the helmet strap that is locked down. It’s on the other hand a a long way more secure choice than only leaving your helmet on the seat, tank, or a handlebar.



Wireless charging has more and more turn out to be the new standard for smartphones, and the folks over as SoEasyRider don’t assume motorcycles should an exception. As such, the multinational outfit has created a wi-fi charging case mainly for motorbikes — though the outfit has been around for over 20 years and was once the first to develop a motorbike GPS mount. Good for accommodating smartphones as large as 6.3”, this Qi case elements a zippered front with a tactical window and customized zipper pulls. When closed, the smartphone is definitely impenetrable and unable to slip out or go tumbling, even if you go shiny side down. The charger’s clear window additionally lets you use turn-by-turn GPS directions, or preview calls or texts whilst a device is inside. The motorcycle accessory comes with a handlebar-mounted charger and rain protection, even though the company additionally sells a variety of additional ball, arm, and ring mounts that enable the charger to be positioned almost anywhere in the cockpit. The package additionally consists of four different wireless charging adapters — Lightning (iPhone), Type-c, Micro USB, and inverted Micro USB — so it works with virtually any smartphone presently in existence.


Voyager Pro GPS Kits | Voyager Pro GPS | TrailTech

Since its inception in 2001, Trail Tech which is a motorcycle accessories has grown into one of the most revered brands in the off-road and journey motorbike space, with a deep catalog of top class dirt-focused merchandise born out of real-world driving experience. Trail Tech’s Voyager Pro GPS package used to be made particularly for off-road applications, boasting rugged construction, and an IP67-rating. Equipped with a 4” glove-friendly full-color touchscreen TFT display, the accessory comes preloaded with North American maps and is powered through a 3,100mAh Lithium-ion battery. The GPS unit can additionally report journey routes, or let the person choose from pre-uploaded rides from different customers — all the whilst tracking speed and elevation up to nearly 30,000’. Other highlights consist of “buddy tracking” which lets you maintain an eye on up to 20 different riders (who are additionally using Voyager Pro GPS devices and are except a 1.5-mile range), and an emergency button that activates a GPS SOS beacon. Measuring 5.6″ x 3.5”, the GPS unit is bought with a plastic handlebar mounting hardware kit and everything needed to wire and join the gadget, even though Trail Tech additionally presents a handful of powertrain sensors that allow the display to show real-time RPM, voltage, speed/distance, engine temperature, etc.

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