Automotive headlight bulbs and which type to settle for

Automotive headlight bulbs and which type to settle for

There are different kinds of headlight bulbs, in this article, we will take a look at 10 halogen units to find out which are the leading lights of the bulb world, Which type to settle for, and which don’t make the grade…There is a baffling array of differ aftermarket bulbs to pick from today, with costs ranging from a few quid to more than £35. So right here we consider whether or not it’s fine to go for the … Read more

What is loop recording

You may discover a feature named loop recording or loop record in an  action  camera,  dash  cam  security camera, or digital camera. So what is loop recording? And how can it assist you with video recording? This article will show you everything you need to understand about loop recording. What is Loop Recording? Loop recording is a process of recording video & audio continuously to camera memory space via replacing a previously recorded clip with a new clip if the camera is out of … Read more


There is nothing like a brand clean car that smells fresh. We all love sparkling clean glass and a dazzling dashboard. But with time, dirt and dust start to make surfaces lose their shine and look dull.  The right car wash brush allows the car detailing process. It allows you to attain inaccessible areas of your vehicle, does not cause swirls and paint scratches, and efficiently eliminates dust, sand, … Read more

Car Wash Mitt, BELPAIR Microfiber Sponge

Not long ago, in all of the confusion surrounding COVID-19, it was announced that a couple, a man and wife, ingested a chemical in hopes of staving off the coronavirus because the ingredient sounded just like a drug that was purported to treat the illness. The chemical they fed on was designed for cleansing fish tanks. Tragically, the man died. Why? Because some thing that is intended for one reason is not always ideal to another, no matter how similar.Cleaning the glass on your car is not the same as cleaning the windows on your … Read more