Can you lubricate belt pulley?

Most car owners ask, “Can you lubricate belt pulley?” In this article, we will discuss extensively on this topic but before we dive in, let us discuss on what is a belt pulley. A pulley is a device used to transfer torque from a motor’s belt to an object being lifted or moved. For example, … Read more

Can you lubricate belt tensioner?

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Can you lubricate belt tensioner? Yes. you can lubricate a belt tensioner. You do not have to pay a service person to lube your belt tensioner. Here is a process that works very well. Lubricating the belt tensioner is an easy task and can be done at home. Here are simple directions (within this article) … Read more

Can I use Brake Cleaner to Clean Pulleys?

Can I use Brake Cleaner to clean pulleys? Why does this work? I heard that brake cleaner is too strong for my device and could hurt it. While it may be too strong for fine-tuned motors or parts, many of our customers have had success cleaning their pulleys with automotive brake cleaner. Brake cleaner is … Read more